Thursday, December 30, 2010

no sleep til 2011!

i can happily say that 2010 is one of the best years of my existence! tons of wonderful things happened this year. humbling amazing things that i will be forever grateful for.

in 2010...

...our family was so blessed to have become canadian citizens. we've been residents of canada for more than 5 years now and it's been nothing but great. praise God! yay!

...travels! i'm very blessed to be able to go see and experience different places. in the summer, i got to go back to new york city and california. i was also very fortunate to have met my dear twitter friend, dianne, on a 4 hr layover in seattle. so as, neane, when i was in new york. they're both awfully great! and right now, as i'm constructing this new year blog, i'm breathing parisian air ;) i'm blessed to be spending the holidays with our relatives in england. this trip to paris is an added bonus.

...friends! i continue letting the good ones in my life. they are blessings. blessings that I keep very close to my heart. i may be a bit of an ass sometimes but, damn it, i am a good friend! lol. and yes, i still include each of my friends in my prayers. speaking of friends, i lost a dear one this year =( you will always be missed, ching. see you in the morning!

...weddings! the entire family flew to the philippines for my cousin sharon's wedding. i was one of the bridemaids. what a grand wedding, that was. lots of food, drinks, dancing, and laughter. i forgot how much fun it was to be around my cousins. and in the summer, i flew to socal for claudine's wedding. she's one of my bestfriends. she and johnson had a very intimate wedding. a night of celebrating love and new beginnings with their family and closest friends.

...i kinda met someone....and then it flopped lol.

...i got to see my cousin joshua before the year ended. it's been 8 yrs since the last time i saw him. sans awkwardness! amen!

there it is. a very brief recap of my 2010.

so from my family to yours, for prosperity and a bounty of overflowing love, happy new year!


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  1. psst, why don't i know about this meeting someone thing?

  2. oh did i say that out loud? lol it flopped. isang linggong pag-ibig. no need to ponder on that, me thinks hehehe

  3. What a year you've had! Congratulations on the highs, sorry about the lows and feel just warm and fuzzy knowing that you've had such an amazing year of family and friends. You have one of those dynamic personalities that makes everything better, so I know already that 2011 will only continue to bring your more happiness. Happy New Year's friend!

  4. thanks, andy! yes, 2010 was a good cramazing year. i believe 2011 is going to be an amazing year for you as well. blessings!