Monday, March 5, 2012

late night at the symphony

got to experience the edmonton symphony orchestra (again. much better seats though) on friday night. they played classic movie scores from the original planet of the apes, aliens, body heat, the gershwins' "but not for me" from the musical girl crazy. that song was also used in movies such as manhattan, four wedding and a funeral, and when harry met sally.

my favorite among the songs they performed that is john williams' score for "catch me if you can." listening to it being played live is beyond superb. don't get me wrong, the planet of the apes orchestration is amazing too. it's just that i connect more to catch me if you can than i did with the others. 

they had a guest saxophonist. ashu. he's very talented and shows emotion in every part of every piece. i'm a fan of musicians who can take you on another level with their performance. they drift you into their aura of passion and just leave you amazed by their talent.

oh right yeah.

i also got to meet william eddins briefly. the conductor, yes.

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