Monday, July 18, 2011


my parents are flying to los angeles next week for my uncle allen's 50th. he's my dad's bestfriend. they've been friends for over 33 years now. they have each other's backs since day one.

i'm in awe of how they've managed to stay friends all these years...most specially during those times when there's no such thing as facebook. from raising their own families and moving from here and there all over the world and not seeing each other for years, their friendship stayed the same. losing touch is very foreign to them.

over the years, i became really picky with the people who i keep close. learning from my past? mos def. i have friend friends. i also have those beyond amazing friends who i can fully trust my future only child with. you know what i mean? man, i wish the friendships i have now will last, if not longer, just as long as 33 years. that'll be uber sweet.

we're very lucky to have all these different means of communication around us. u.ti.lize. text your hombres. it'll mean so much.

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  1. So unbelievably true. We take for granted I think sometimes that real friendships, like any relationship, takes work. People used to write letters and call back then. Effort was there. Today we send a casual tweet or a text and hope it suffices. I still love sending and receiving a hand-written note.

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