Monday, March 14, 2011

what i would've style

here's another edition if "what i would've tweeted" but with a kick. why? coz it features....jodie! well our conversations. i know, lame eh? haha boom! and it's not from a plane. it's from....the pub!!!

ok so i spontaneously went out for dranks after work. my phone ran out of juice and couldn't tweet as much as i would've. so yeah, here...what i would've tweeted:

- i'm austronesian! damn it!

- fucking atheists.

- praise the lord.

- your mouth is dirty. your mouth supplies floating stuff for your beer.

- hehe twitter secrets.

fucking racist atheists.

- jerks. nobody wants to join us? fiiiiiine.

- drink my filth. DRINK MY FILTH!!!

- does the sun make me look like jesus drinking beer?

- idiots using drive-thru ATMs. *shakes my head* that's your people! she is not asian! that's 1-1 for chinks!

- fucking gay racist atheists.

- if you want to play footsie, just let me know. my legs may be short but....

- lick your beer.

- i know people who should definitely go look for a job.

- fucking jobless gay racist atheists.

- we're so very couple-y. our tongues are green.

- let's go on a trip! australia!

- #LBS2012 - wait for this epicness.

- not so pure now, am i?

- just coz i giggled about something doesn't mean i'm toying with the valuable info i just shared to you.

damn! hell no, i'm not going to post the ones that i'm not allowed to tweet. that's right, you goddamn wish you were there!

disclaimer: i don't hate atheists or gay people or any other race. act on whatever you see fit, i don't care. as long as you're not hurting anyone, go ahead. i won't stand in your way. if you really know me, i can be the most non-judging person you'll ever meet. i don't hate.

so that's me ending my monday on a good note. i always love spending time with jodie. she's the best! enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. Oh boy! Can't wait if there will be an edition from #yegwingup tonight ;)


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