Monday, February 7, 2011


this is not another drunken story...but i got nothing else to share at the mo' so yeah...meh.

saturday night, i went out with my dear friends jodie and nicki. yeppers, pissed drunk and all (i'm not very proud). i went home with a bruised knee coz i fell. i had no idea how it happened but was told that the falling was epic. jodie took my phone away coz i was calling long distance (much worse than drunk texting, i guess) and drunk tweeting things that make no sense at all. exhibit a:
drunken karaoke!!! and i don't think we'll go back to that place again. too much creepiness.

sadly, i'm no longer vomit free since 2009. *tear*

yesterday, i swore that there'll be no alchy for me til, at least, may. why may? i'll let you know soon.

i love my friends to the core.

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