Saturday, March 20, 2010

PAL flight tweets

PAL - Philippine Airlines

my flight to manila didn't have an on-board wifi. hence, i took notes of my supposed tweets during the flight. read:

  • flight attendant fail. i asked for a cup of water...she went to get me one but ended up giving it to the girl in front of me. girl: ""
  • who would've thought that they'd only serve seafood and pork on the first meal? what happened to chicken and beef?
  • suprisingly, not too many crying babies.
  • something i ate prior or on this flight is making me gassy. makes me want to scream "gonads bitch!"
  • tarboolens!!! #turbulence
  • not one hot flight attendant on board. no sweet ass walking by to look at. thank god for blessing me with a @RockstarJodie.
  • in tagalog, a 'seatbelt' is called 'sinturong pangkaligtasan.'
  • attendant asked if i want beef tapa of "ohmahlet" #pinoytourets
  • called it! tapsilog for breakfast at 34000 feet.
  • ummm....erap is acting...again? i'll accept this as a hallucination.
  • .....zzzzzzzzzz......*hik*....zzzzzzzzz.....
  • i want to say something profound...i'm doing my nails...
  • who's getting better at less awkward small talks? this gal! he lives 4 blocks away from robson square.
  • a cute little girl is making plane friends with us. i gave her my sassy wink. yeah the one that never works for guys.
  • daddy's home!!!

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