Thursday, August 20, 2009

understand. to each his own.

catching up with people that you've, pretty much, known all your life makes you aware of how much you've grown as an individual, surprise you even. over the course of one's adulthood, you can't help but pick up all sorts of belief, cultures and practices...good and and white...sugar or cream or both. the utmost beauty behind it though is that it is your sole responsibility to yourself as an adult to make wise decisions.

there are two kinds of friendship, the one that you just can't seem to give up and the one that simply stands out without even merely trying. fortunate, i am to be blessed with both.

i don't claim to be the greatest friend one can have. good god, no. i try though. i'm in repair but i'm getting there. hitting a few bumps will do nothing but scratch you. scars will remain only to remind of what you've gone through in the past.

you can only learn so much from one person. when given the opportunity to, take advantage of it.

sometimes it is better to just sit down, listen, and be a friend.

no judgment. no argument. just listen.

(...over a cup of coffee)

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