Tuesday, July 21, 2009

mark your calendars, droids

these are the dates to watch out for...the season premiere dates of a few of your shows this coming fall...more like my shows. source: wikipedia.com

and go...

glee - sept. 16
the office - sept. 17
parks & recreation - sept. 17
how i met your mother - sept. 21
the big bang theory - sept. 21
house m.d. - sept. 21
private practice - oct. 1

i'm still waiting for 30 rock (i'm guessing about a couple of weeks after the office's premiere), united states of tara, flight of the conchords (i think jemaine & bret are done already), saturday night live, csi las vegas.

some summer nights will be spent learning about the mentalist, hawthorne, lie to me, numb3rs, the listener, jpod.

yes, i'm a tv whore.
deal with it.

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