Sunday, February 22, 2009


my friday's horoscope...

#1: "a self-indulgent person will continue to disobey"

i totally laughed my ass and ears off when i read this. one of the things i dislike in people. oh well what do you know? thanks for the late early warning. i had that coming. if i have to "rock it out", i'd absolutely do it without thinking twice.

#2: "tender thoughts will find a place in your heart"

since friday, no, there were no tender thoughts. yes on tender sexual thoughts though. dammit taye diggs and that bed scene! lol

#3: "watch out for falling objects"

now, this one utterly disturbed me. watch out for falling objects?! what the hell? is this related to last week's falling space junk alert alberta? coz if it's whack! seriously though, what kind of falling objects should i take cover from? let's enumerate!

a.) bird poop - i remember dodging them back when i was still in the philippines. our neighbor had like a dozen of pigeons that they let out every morning. and every morning, those pigeons would sit on the electrical lines where people had to pass by. and every damn morning, everyone had to dodge their poop or crap or 'ipot', if you will.

b.) meteors - late last year, edmonton experience a meteor landing. some lucky locals get to witnessed it.

c.) hails - yeah coz pellets can cause concussions

d.) mercury - mercury droppings from airplanes can do you wrong. i've learned that from an episode of house m.d....if not house, csi...if not csi, definitely not the office. there was this guy who almost died because of mercury. i guess jeremy piven saw that episode too hence, he quit doing speed the plow. whatever, i still think it is because raul esparza is a better theatre actor than he is. he just can't take the heat.
and last but not least...

e.) lucifer's wings -  it's about time they reach earth, don't you think?

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