Thursday, January 31, 2013

high fiving a million angels

all good things must come to an end. sadly, one of those good things is 30 rock. blergh!

30 rock is one of the smartest shows ever written. oh and the live shows! their live shows were the best!

so here, internetz, allow me to share a few of the MANY brilliant lines from 30 rock...

liz lemon: "i want to go to there."

tracy jordan: "cause i'm gonna drop truth bombs. you know how pissed off i was when US weekly said i was on crack? that's racist! i'm not on crack. i'm straight up mentally ill!"

liz lemon: "there ain't no party like a liz lemon party coz a liz lemon party is mandatory."

jack donaghy: "TGS with tracy jordan without tracy jordan is an oxymoron, like "liberal government" or "female scientist."

jenna maroney: "listen up, fives. a ten is speaking."

they also made fun of other shows. for example: grey's anatomy...featuring NYC's radioman!

tracy jordan: "i love this cornbread so much i want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant."

kenneth parcell: "be a good listener, a giver of gifts, and work that vajayjay."

kenneth parcell: "and mr. jordan himself said, "don't let no one in who's not on the list 'cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi." so haters to the left." 

jenna maroney: "my vagina is a convenience store. clean and reliable. and closed on christmas."

liz lemon: "did you really think i wouldn't recognize my college futon with its trademark absence of sex stains?"

tracy jordan: " dress everyday like you're going to get murdered in those clothes."

jack donaghy: "do you know what price i am in the gay community? there's a term for it. i'm a bear and i'm a daddy. i'm a daddy bear."

also 15 lessons liz lemon taught all of us. thank you, liz! 
and most of all...THANK YOU, TINA FEY!


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