Wednesday, October 10, 2012

berlin and me

berlin - so much history to take in. good and bad parts of history...its history. but if it weren't for the past, the city will never ever be what it is today. the bullet marks on every building tells a story.

every trip changes you. mostly, for the better. that's why i encourage people to travel. try something new, see something amazing, learn something foreign, understand better, adapt, and meet wonderful people along the way.

went to tour the sachsenhausen concentration camp in orianenberg. we all know about the nazi history but we never knew enough. the game changer really is when you visit a concentration camp. brutal.

got to meet a bunch of good people at our hostel too. most of them are staying in berlin for 2 weeks to a month...or more. fun vagabonds. lots of aussie backpackers too.

there are too many to see and experience in berlin. museum square alone...oh man, i loved that area. the dome church, specially. i highly recommend visiting this place. the architecture, inside and out, is just breathtaking. also, wilhelm's body is kept in the crypt. so eerie down there with all the different royal coffins.

definitely going to visit berlin again. four days isn't close to being enough. really. i now have a better understanding of why travelers love berlin.


  1. Gorgeous photos - Europe is still on my bucket list to do. Love how you're internalizing your travel experience so far. You never really are the same once you've been abroad are you?

    1. thank you! and also thank you for taking the time to read my blog. indeed, you never are. now you go out there and escape the cold! =)