Wednesday, August 8, 2012

finger wag

i am not a soccer expert. nor am i that big of a soccer fan. however, i do enjoy cheering for the canadian women's team. mostly during the olympics....coz of reasons of patriotism. and christine sinclair (she's darn amazing). bandwagoning? pfft. you probably missed the memo.....everyone is allowed to hop on whatever wagon during the olympics!!

yadda yadda yadda...too many issues to discuss with what went down during the match and post-match. FIFA said they're going to investigate further after the olympics. as much as i love CanWNT, tancredi should get suspended for this:

it's clearly NOT an accident. the ref didn't see it. otherwise, tancs could've gotten a red card. good sweet baby j! she played that game with extra roughness! i've never seen her play like that ever! i kept on yelling at the tv, telling her to calm her tits. anyways, yeah now maybe canada really deserved to lose that match after all. because of that very unsportsmanlike conduct? hell yeah. pfft. go ahead, hate me for going against canada on this one. i don't care. a good fan appreciates. a great fan wags his or her finger at her team when something is not right. boom!

speaking of red (yellow) card... during the men's tennis finals against roger federer and andy murray, somebody asked me if the umpire gave roger a yellow card coz there's a yellow indication next to his name on the board. i first LOLed and then my heart went "awww he doesn't know that that was just an indication for who is serving. cute." there are no yellow or red cards in tennis. no. just amazing racquet and verbal abuse.

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