Wednesday, June 13, 2012


read an article earlier entitled "beauty is what's behind your next raise." it's written by paul sullivan for metro news.

he started with: "when maria sharapova won the french open on saturday. it was another victory for the beautiful people."

then he went on explaining that good looks give you an upper hand at pretty much anything. i agree with that on some level. it's a sad reality. but to credit sharapova's good looks for her successful run at roland garros? for being back at #1? wtf, dude?! you don't win tennis matches for having good looks as if your opponent is going to lose because he can't see the ball coming because of your tremendously glowing clear face.

give the girl props for regaining her confidence in her skills. she's been playing some fantastic tennis these past few months. that's why she won the french open. that's why she's back at being #1.

don't credit her good looks. those are for sponsorship stuff.

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